One Wheelly Good Set of Wheels

This was a mini collection I did inspired by OneWheels because I have many people close to me who love them. I wanted to find a way to elevate the idea of the Onewheel to be a sleek night-out look that makes it more high fashion. I went for the wheeled sandals first because I thought that would be such a fun accessorizing idea. I also went for this green-grey color to replicate one of the color options on Onewheels. The leather was a direct representation of the wheel and a more utilitarian look. Finally, the one print of the look was the multicolor stripe that gives the look of a city flashing by as you whizz around on your Onewheel. I love that the colors also give a grungey look to bring in more classic skateboard culture as well for a nice nod. For the shapes and silhouettes of the looks, I wanted to reference a lot of rounded styles for the wheel and the fender on top of the wheel as well so there are some pants that have a rounded hem to look like where the wheel would go beneath it. I also have some semi-circle cutout shapes on the bodices for a similar look.